Sign Posts along the way .

Oracle Cards . Just like Runes, or Psychic readings , or tossing dice ... can be so so powerful !! and if you do your daily everyday living  " work" :  inner workings and opening , awarenesses, responsibility , reciprocity , gratitude , kindness, reverence , joy , belief , etc .... and create and maintain a spiritual practice and ritual of  picking your oracle card or cards , or laying out spreads , well the magic happens . Because you wait . Because you are not looking for definite answers as much as you are intrigued and opening to possibilities . Observing and then immersing in your own game of life .    ahh yes, sometimes scary and tough ., tough indeed .  But even in the despair stuff, the tough stuff , you can create little moments of ahas, little moments of awe and enchantment , and then you can grow them like a garden . Carefully . with love and patience . So, I am compelled to write here, as opposed to my journal , because .. who knows - because this stuff is cool
Morning Rituals and Ceremony--- More than just doing something .  More than making  list of things to do to create a ritual. Of course, as you begin , you do have to make  a plan, and maybe a list of what will create joy and love and peace , and a sense of the sacred - connection -  but when you begin to create a Sadhana, an every day spiritual practice { which can be chanting while cleaning ... }, make sure you feel ALIVE in it . That it flows. That you feel sensations of joy and peace in your body . Your mind quiets and a sense of wonder and enchantment begins to unfold as you devote to you practice .  be kind to yourself . everyone is different , and you will discover your uniqueness , your beauty in the most simplest of rituals and connection to the divine . This morning , I had a question as I brought all my oracle card decks out of their box .  Sometimes I have little time ,and just one, usually the  Animal Medicine Card deck is opened . Today , I had 5 decks ! My questi